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Embrace the essence of conservation with our Color Morphing Mug, celebrating the PKOLS initiative: Guardians of the San Juan Islands - 2024 and Beyond. This 11oz mug not only serves your morning brew but also unfolds the mission of Preserving the Knowledge of Land & Sea with its unique heat-sensitive design. It's more than a mug; it's a symbol of commitment to environmental stewardship and a nod to the beauty we aim to protect.


About PKOLS: PKOLS stands for Preserving the Knowledge of Land & Sea, focusing on protecting the San Juan Islands' ecosystem. Through education and advocacy, PKOLS works to safeguard this natural treasure for future generations.

Join us: By choosing this mug, you’re not just enjoying a unique product but also contributing to a vital cause. Make your mornings meaningful and support our guardianship of the San Juan Islands. Discover the magic of preservation with every sip.

PKOLS 11oz Color Morphing Mug: Guardians of the San Juan Islands

SKU: 26450267638131848371
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