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Stay warm and express your unique style with the CamoSalmon Graphic Print Hooded Sherpa Fleece Blanket, exclusively available at This blanket combines cozy functionality with customizable design, making it the perfect addition to your winter essentials.

Product Features:

  • Material Excellence: Crafted from 100% soft polyester, this blanket ensures a fuzzy, warm embrace that keeps the chill at bay. Its supremely soft texture offers a comfortable shield during the cold months, ideal for both indoor relaxation and outdoor activities.

  • Stylish and Functional Design: The blanket features a stylish cream-colored Sherpa fleece hood that not only adds warmth but also brings additional style points to your ensemble. Whether you're curled up on the couch or enjoying a bonfire, this hooded blanket provides both warmth and a fashionable flair.

  • Customization Opportunity: Tailor this blanket to reflect your personal taste. Add a design that showcases your style or a touch of personal flair. Note that the white parts of your design will reveal the base color of the fabric, adding a unique contrast to your customized print.

  • Durability and Sizing: Each blanket measures 70.5″ x 52″ (179.07 cm x 132.08 cm), providing ample coverage for a cozy experience. The product is sourced responsibly and is built to withstand frequent use, ensuring longevity and satisfaction. Please note that each item is pre-constructed and may vary in size by +/- 3 inches.

  • Easy Care: The blanket is machine washable, which makes maintenance a breeze. It’s designed to retain its beauty through countless washes, so you can enjoy its comfort and style for seasons to come.

Why Choose Our Hooded Sherpa Fleece Blanket? The CamoSalmon Hooded Sherpa Fleece Blanket is not just a blanket; it’s a testament to comfort and personal expression. It’s an ideal choice for those who seek quality, comfort, and an opportunity to express themselves through their choice of decor or apparel. Perfect for gifting or personal use, it promises to be a cherished item in your winter collection.

Order Today: Visit to customize and purchase your CamoS

almon Hooded Sherpa Fleece Blanket. Wrap yourself in comfort and style this winter with a blanket designed just for you!

Salmon Hooded Sherpa Fleece Blanket | Stylish & Cozy |

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