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Rebecca Feld

Co-Director PKOLS / E-commerce 

Nisqually Child/Youth/Family Services


Location: Lakewood & San Juan Island, Washington


Phone: 253-414-5177

Rebecca holds the proud heritage of being a descendant of the Lummi & Pyramid Lake Paiute Tribes. With her vast experience, she skillfully bridges contemporary Native culture across varied settings. Her entrepreneurial drive shines through her unwavering commitment to family, self-employment, and enriching her community. She carries a deep passion for both preserving her culture and immersing in it, aiming to uplift and inspire the younger generations. As an active board member of, Rebecca dedicates her efforts to make meaningful contributions that resonate within and beyond her community.

Date of Birth:

June 14th

A Bit About Me

Rebecca is a proud Pyramid Lake Paiute Tribal Member. An experienced professional with an adept ability to navigate contemporary Native culture within diverse environments. Demonstrates an entrepreneurial spirit with a strong dedication to family, self-employment, and community involvement. Passionate about preserving and experiencing culture with the hopes of supporting and improving younger generations. Actively contributes as a board member of

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Christine Bloomfield

Christine Bloomfield, Executive Director of

Co-Director PKOLS


Phone: 253-279-7566

Dedicated and culturally-rooted professional with rich expertise in tribal history and education. As a Descendant Lummi & Pyramid Lake Paiute Tribal member, Christine brings a personal and deep-seated understanding to her roles in non-profit organization management, community engagement, and cultural education. Recognized for her ability to strategize and listen, she is proficient in coordinating with diverse groups to implement effective action plans. Equally effective as an independent contributor and collaborative team member.

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